About Us

About Us

We’re James & Heidi Little. NC Tile Repair Specialists is our small, family-owned and operated business, serving the Triangle area and beyond for over a decade.

James is originally from North Carolina. He started his apprenticeship in tile in 1985. After two years, he founded his own installation company, honing his skills as a tile installer while working with and consulting for custom home builders, designers, residential homeowners, and even large commercial projects.

Heidi is originally from South Florida and comes from a long family line of craftsmen and contractors. She entered the tile industry in 2007 as an independent contractor, eventually becoming an accomplished tile setter and repair specialist in her own right.

We rebranded our company as NC Tile Repair Specialists to help bring our talents and expertise to the community we love. Our mission is not only approach each job with an expert level of skill and craftsmanship, but to provide our clients with the very best in customer service. Honesty, trust, and an obsessive attention to detail. That’s what makes us NC Tile Repair Specialists.

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