Tile Repair

The cost of replacing your entire tile area could cost you thousands of dollars. A cracked bathroom or kitchen tile feels like an absolute disaster, but it doesn’t have to be. Tile repair is a specialty we’ve been refining for more than two decades. We can replace both large and small ceramic, glass, porcelain, marble, and other natural stone products. In most circumstances, we can often replace the tile without affecting the other tile around it. Contact NC Tile Repair Specialists to see how we can provide our services with all you tile needs.

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Grout Restoration

Grout removal and replacement is a unique talent. It takes very specific tools to remove grout in the proper manner. Grout removal and replacement done correctly is not an easy task for most. Refreshing or changing your grout can dramatically change the look and value of your tile. NC Tile Repair Specialists have been conquering grout removal and replacement jobs for many years. All our years of figuring out the best tools and methods for grout removal can now benefit you.

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Caulking and Recaulking

Proper caulking is critical for the long-term maintenance of any surface in your home that gets moisture. But caulk is also used as a sealant for filling cracks or gaps around windows, doors, plumbing and pipes. When applied by a specialist, it can prevent water, bugs, and even air from entering your home. NC Tile Repair Specialists are experts in all caulking applications and techniques.

Likewise, if you see mold or mildew beneath your caulk, or the caulk peels or cracks easily, it’s time to recaulk. In fact, if you have a new home, settling can cause the caulk in your shower to lose its sealing properties in less than a year. NC Tile Repair Specialists can recaulk your tub, shower, sink, or tile to keep water from damaging the sensitive subfloor areas of your home.

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Shower and Water Leak Detection

All your wet areas in your home are meant to get wet. However, the areas adjacent to these areas are not. It’s bad when you have water issues on the ground floor, but it can become a much larger problem if these areas are above other living spaces. It doesn’t take long for water to do extensive damage that can become very costly very quickly. If you see areas that are wet, appear damp, or have watermarks on the ceiling, walls, or moldings it is very important to Identify, address, and eliminate any potential water leaks. To avoid these potential costs, eliminate your water issues early by contacting NC Tile Repair Specialists. By utilizing our water leak detection services at an affordable price, you can potentially save yourself from a costly full shower replacement and other water damage to your home.

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Additional Services

Clear/Color Sealing

Keeping your grout looking clean and bright is no easy task. That’s why we recommend after a thorough cleaning to apply a clear seal to your tile and grout. Our sealing technique will not change the original appearance of the grout, so it will continue to match the color of your kitchen or bath for many years to come. However, if you’re looking for a change in the overall appearance of your kitchen or bath, our color sealing/stain can give your tile a whole new look. Choose from a wide assortment of grout colors to fit your needs or consult with our experts for beautiful design ideas.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ground-in dirt, oils, stains, and mold can make your kitchen and bath tile & grout look old and dingy. Over time, routine mopping can’t remove this layer of buildup which can affect the overall integrity of your grout. At NC Tile Repair Specialists, we have decades of experience cleaning and restoring grout and tile to its original condition. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and even stone can be cleaned, polished and sealed to look as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Niches/Corner Shelves

Niches and corner shelves are the perfect way to utilize the space in your shower stall to hold your toiletries. We have decades of experience in designing, crafting, and installing niches and corner shelves that match the décor of your existing shower stall. We also have the expertise to install these shelves to be strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Vinyl/Carpet Repair

Vinyl, laminate, and carpet are some of the most popular and economical floor covering options in the market, but all it takes is one accident to think that it’s time for an all new – and very expensive – floor installation. Fortunately repairing vinyl flooring and carpet are one of our specialties. We can replace the ripped or defective area, so it looks like the accident never happened, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process.

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